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As of the 25th of june 2011, this website is no longer being updated, the website will remain online in an archive state - please visit for regularly updated Articles and Information, if i'm being honest, i've ran out of things to put on my website...

Full Re-run of Only fools and horses to be shown on BBC1 from the 4th of july onwards

please read for more information.

John Sullivan Has died aged 64

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Two episodes of Rock and Chips Commissioned 


Two new episodes have been given the go ahead, and will be shown a few months apart, the first coming around Christmas time 2010 and the second episode being shown around Easter 2011 - both episodes are to be shown on BBC 1.

The name of the episodes are Five Gold rings, which is the 60 minute Christmas episode and The Frog and the pussycat, which is the Easter episode, Lets all hope it gets good ratings, so a series is commissioned. 

Roger Lloyd Pack back on our screens

Roger Lloyd Pack, better known as Trigger in only fools and horses is back on our screens in the BBC sitcom The Old Guys - it is shown on friday nights at 9:30.

This makes Trigger the third Only fools and horses  star to have his own tv sitcom after Nicholas Lyndhurst in After you've gone and John Challis in the green green grass, both these series have now been cancelled - So it may be third time lucky with the Old guys which is in its second series.

Chas and Dave to reform for one last gig.

Chas and Dave are getting back together for one last performance after announcing previously that they were splitting up for good, chas and Dave's connection to only fools and horses is that they sung the song Down to Margate which ran over the credits in The jolly boys outing

Here is the full story on bbc news

Rock and Chips Series Commisioned


According to the sun newspaper, james buckley has been contacted to play the part of young Del again to shoot 6 episodes of rock and chips, which John sullivan has already written, the show recieved over 7 million viewers in january so a series always looked likely.

Trotters Independent Traders


Did you Know?
- when John Sullivan first came up with Trotters independent traders as the name of Dels unregistered company, he didn't realise that the initials spelt T.I.T. - he later said in an interview " although i wish i could say it was done on purpose, i can't as it was purely accidental" 

16th February 2010 


 The long lost episode Licensed to drill his now on the website - ready to view

for those of you who don't know, licensed to drill is an episode which has never been shown on tv and was shown around schools in England as an educational video about oil.

Watch the video here

04 February 2010

i received an email via the contact form on my website, but the person left an email address which is not recognized, he wanted to know to the contact information of David Jason or John Sullivan, my reply is:

I am not sure of David Jasons email, but there is an address and some fan mail instructions on this page

as for john sullivan, i have checked imdb for you and it says there is no contact information available and when i search google it is coming up with some politician with the same name.

hope i helped. 

02 February 2010

the the website has recieved something of a makeover, today i posted this comment on their website regarding cuts - there was a blog type page full of cuts so i added this comment:

in the episode stage fright last week there were some cuts, but that was probably due to air time.
what annoys me is episodes like miami twice,jolly boys outing and a royal flush - especially a royal flush, i have the 2004 rerelease and it is a joke - there have been nearly 20 minutes removed because john sullivan felt the episode cast del in a bad light. 
why wait 20 years to edit something which true fans have seen anyway. also in the episode when rodney buys a programme they cut the bit out when rodney reacts to the price of £8.  
i feel viewers are not so stupid to remember that this show was filmed 20 years ago. and in those days £8 was a lot of money.

30th January 2010

Rock and Chips:

Rock and chips received 7 million viewers in the uk when it was shown last week - a series looks likely, and if given the green light it should be on our screens perhaps early next year.  feel free to leave any views about Rock and Chips in our Forum.

The series was originally meant to be called Sex, Drugs and Rock and chips, but their is a film out now which has the title sex drugs and rock and roll - and naming it the original title may have been confusing, another way to look at the situation is that the bbc refused to have such a provocative title on their screens, especially when it is so strongly associated with Only Fools and horses, which in its time was a family comedy.

6th December 2009

The only fools and horses complete boxset is on sale at Tesco for under £50, and if you want to get series 1-7 with no Christmas specials then its only £27.

3rd December 2009

Nice one, as Del Boy would say.
DEL Boy would no doubt call it lovely jubbly but this Christmas tree near Durham looks like one of his wide-boy cons.

He would surely be chuckling as Boycie of Only Fools and Horses switched on the lights dwarfing the four-foot fir in Sacriston.

John Challis, who played the dodgy car dealer in the BBC sitcom, made no comment.

However one villager complained: “It’s ironic that Del Boy’s mate was here — it’s just the kind of thing that Del Boy would sell.”

Parish councillor Allen Turner said that the tree had been damaged in strong winds. Now a replacement is to be planted by Durham county council.

2nd December 2009

This is a page which will be updated periodically with the latest news regarding Only fools and horses or its prequel which is due next year. seeing as only fools and horses has finished there probably won't be much news on that but please check back for the latest news:

Firstly there is some information on the green green grass - the next series of the green green grass has been put on hold by John Sullivan/executives in order to focus on The 1960's prequel Sex drugs and rock and chips, Green green grass which i am going to begin calling GGG should be back on our screens in late 2010. - meanwhile filming for the prequel mentioned above, began in October 2009, and should hit screens next year - so far there is only a pilot in the pipeline though

Who remembers A slow bus to Chingford - the episode where The trotters set up Trotters ethnic tours - well according to the official ofah appreciation society, the bus which was used in the episode has gone to auction due to the museum it was housed in, closing down.
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