Only Fools And Horses

Series Three


Only fools and horses was now considered a big hitter in the world of comedy and had  a large following of viewers, series 3 was shown in 1983 and was also the last series which featured grandad


With the lift out of order, Grandad has had to walk up 13 flights off stairs and he isn't to well, meanwhile Rodney becomes head of the housing committee, del see's an opportunity to move home, and is nearly successful until miss Mackenzie, who has just given them a house move based on grandads predicament - spots grandad jumping around and dancing. move off
This was also the episode which saw Rodney finally ask Trigger why he calls him Dave (see below)

Healthy Competition:
Rodney decides to break up the partnership between him and del, and goes and teams up with Mickey Pearce - there first big purchase, a pile of broken lawnmower engines bankrupts them before they have begun, Mickey goes on holiday to Benidorm leaving rodney to run the business with no money - so del decides to buy the broken lawnmower engines off Rodney thinking he will get his money back when rodney reforms the partnership, Rodney does reform the partnership but del doesn't get his money back, because rodney went and bought another pile of lawnmower engines.
Rodney - "there selling like hot cakes" 

Friday the 14th:
Del, Rodney and grandad do a bit of weekend fishing from Boycie's holiday cottage - only one problem - an escaped axeman has escaped from the local asylum, who doesn't like fishermen.

Yesterday never comes:
Del puts an antique wooden cabinet in the paper hoping to sell it, so someone called Miranda who owns and antique shop in Chelsea comes round to have a look at it, she tells Del the Wooden cabinet is worthless but a picture on the wall catches her eye - Miranda decides to take the wooden cabinet and do it up, hoping to split the profits 50/50 with del, as Miranda and Del get more friendly, Del gives Miranda the picture she was interested in, to her for her birthday, the next day Del discovers she is selling it  at an auction - Del had the last laugh however because the picture was stolen in the first place.

May the force be with you:
This episode see's the first appearance of Jim Broadbent as the snide policeman Roy slater - The whole episode is based around Slater trying to get Del to tell him who stole a microwave oven - after some negotiating, Del agree's to tell Slater who stole the Microwave on the condition that he (Del) can't be prosecuted.
Slater - " Who stole the microwave oven"
Del - " I did"

When Rodney helps a drunken woman on the street, he is stunned when she looks petrified, accuses him of man-handling her, and promptly cries "rape!" Without thinking straight, and fearing the consequences, Rodders decides to leg it. Del hears about the escapade and realises his naïve Little Bruv must have encountered Blossom, a psychologically unhinged woman who is allowed out in public on weekend breaks. Not wanting to prey on Rodney's nervous disposition, Del naturally does the humane thing and concocts a story about the police conducting a search for 'The Peckham Pouncer'. It's not long before Rodney disappears, believing he's a fugitive wanted for the worst of reasons. Regretting what he's done, Del Boy goes in search of his brother, and it's not long before the scent of 'funny fags' from the air vents of Mandela House leads him to Rodney's hiding place - in the water tank room of the same building.

Who's a pretty boy then:
Del has convinced Denzil to let him decorate his flat - While decorating the flat they discover a note telling them not to go in the kitchen - which they ignore, Rodney then goes to make a cup of tea but forgets about it - about 1 hour later they return to the kitchen and find that Rodney has left the kettle on the gas and the whole room is full of steam - not a big problem, until they discover Denzil's wifes pet canary is dead - They send Grandad out to buy another canary:
Denzil's wife - " Whats happened to my canary"
Del - " There's nothing wrong with it, look, its hopping around!
Denzil's wife - " I know - but when i woke up this morning it was dead"

Thicker than Water:
Grandad and Rodney are watching tv, when there is a knock at the door - its Del and Rodney's father - who walked out when del was 16, he comes back complaining of a life threatening disease and asking Del and rodney to get their blood checked - He then discovers Rodney and Del have different blood groups and he disowns Del.
This episode seems to bring Del and rodney closer together and we do learn later that they do have different Fathers (this is providing the setting for the only fools and horses prequel due in 2010, Sex drugs and rock and chips)
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