Only Fools And Horses

Dels  Vehicles 


From 1981 onwards, Del only had one vehicle, the famous three wheel van - but when Raquel became pregnant with Damian in 1990, Del went and bought a Capri Ghia, which rodney often called the prat mobile, leaving the van for business and the Capri Ghia for everyday use, When the trotters became millionaires in 1996, Del bought himself a jaguar from Boycie's showroom and gave it a personalized number plater which read DEL 1. 

When we next saw Del he had become bankrupt and had resorted back to the three wheel van, which somehow was still running.

The capri ghia in a terrible condition when purchased from boycie
The trotter van in a museum
Did you know? - Over the years the trotter van had many different number plates but nobody ever noticed

Trotter Vehicle Merchandise


You can purchase these replica's of the trotter van and Capri Ghia from the link below:

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