Only Fools And Horses

How Far We  Have Come

It is not long since Only fools and horses finished but when it was replayed on BBC 1 last month it was described as a classic comedy, this is perhaps a testament  to just how far we have come in the last 20 years or so with regards to the  internet, Mobile phones, computers and Dels favourite, fax machines. Del was one of the first people to try and flog some mobile phones, admittedly in the late 80's to early 90's they looked like bricks - but he was hit with comments like "only an idiot would buy one" by mike.

Another thing  which has come along way is computers in general, in the episode Yuppy love, we see rodney typing away on a computer not to dissimilar to the one seen in the early seasons of lost, also in the frogs legacy when Del is trying to sell a computer to the priest, its quite hard to believe just how advanced we have become in just 20 years.

My final Comparison is Del and his dodgy fax machines compared to today's world of Email or even facebook, Del would constantly be trying to flog fax machines to Mike or Boycie down the nags head, but the fax machine become obsolete in the early noughties when email really took of.

this understandably is the natural order of anything, the old dies away to pave way for the new, but what this really tells us is just how strong John Sullivan's portrayal of characters and story telling actually is, to be able to accumulate new viewers via uk gold on a daily basis, but also keep the  old viewers hooked on episodes they have already seen many times.
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