Only Fools And Horses

Favorite moments


Everyone who has watched only fools and horses will have their own favorite episode or moment, whether
it's the batman and robin scene, The bar fall, or the bus blowing up in jolly boys outing - below  you will find 
all of the funniest clips from only fools and horses.

One of My personal favorite moment would have to be the bar fall, simply because the first time i saw it, it was so unexpected and i loved how he kept perfectly straight as he fell - and then Triggers reaction was just hilarious

When Rodney asks a girl to the pictures - Del concocts a plan to make rodney change his mind, He asks Uncle Albert to act horrified; With hilarious results
Del doesn't  realise that The initials on his Company logo's read TIT (Trotters independent traders) and DIC (diploma in computerization)
Below is the clip of Dels classic bar fall in the episode Yuppy Love
The chandelier smashing episode was a major turning point for Only fools and horses - it got people far and wide talking about the sitcom.
After the Van breaks down on the way to a fancy dress party - Del convinces rodney that it is closer to the party than to go home, so they make a run for it.
Trigger bores everyone with his award for services to the council, see below
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