Only Fools And Horses

Top 5 Trigger Moments


Top 5 Trigger moments

This is a countdown of the top five Trigger Moments in Only fools and horses -  at the bottom of this page there are a collection of Trigger videos

5. Why do you call me Dave?

Rodney finally asks Trigger why he calls him Dave.

Rodney - Why do you call me Dave, Trig’ - My name’s not Dave, Its Rodney
Trigger - Are you sure
Rodney - Yes, I’ve checked it on my birth certificate and everything, its definitely Rodney.
Trigger - So what’s Dave, a Nickname ‘like
Rodney - No - you’re the only person who calls me Dave, everybody else calls me Rodney - and the reason they call me Rodney, is because Rodney is my name.
Trigger - Well, I shall have to get used to calling Rodney from now on.
Rodney - Thank you
Trigger - How long are you going to be Baz, Me and Dave haven’t got all day.
Rodney - RODNEY!
Trigger - yeah yeah.

Taken from the episode Homesick

4. Trigger negotiating with Del.

Del is bidding for a set of 25 suitcases from trigger, after much haggling Del agrees to buy them off Trigger for a price of £8 each - only for Trigger to ask Del for £7 per suitcase instead, meaning that he would lose out on the deal, this was the first sign that trigger might be a bit dim.

Taken from the episode Big Brother

3. Fancy Dress.

Del and Rodney Burst into The Party in Heroes and Villains and obviously didn’t get the message that the fancy Dress was cancelled, in a room full of people, full of suits and ties - Del and Rodney are stood in Batman and Robin outfits as Trigger asks “Didn’t you know the fancy dress was cancelled” - Trigger then tells Del that he also didn’t know the fancy dress had been cancelled and he thought he stood out a bit in his suit and tie.

Taken from the episode Heroes and villains

2. You can’t park their Dave

After spending 10 minutes helping to guide Rodney into a parking space on the market, when Rodney finally parks the van, Trigger tells him he can’t park there because he might have to use the salt container to grit the roads in icy conditions - even though it is blazing sunshine, Del then bribes him with two cheese rolls.

Taken from the episode Strangers on the shore

1. Trigger has a date.

Trigger has found himself a date by joining the local dating agency, much to the surprise of everybody in the nags head, when asked if he had told them he was a road sweeper - Trigger replied “No, I told them I was bus conductor” after being asked why, he said “To add a bit of glamour” 

Taken from the episode Dates.

This episode was pivotal in the long run of only fools and horses as it was the first appearance of Raquel, who Del would eventually meet again and start a family together. 

I am quite tempted to say Triggers Broom in number 3 in place of fancy dress, When Trigger wins an award for having the same broom for 20 years - he goes on to say its had lots of new handles and loads of heads. Triggers Broom

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