Only Fools And Horses

The Groovy Gang


What are the benefits of signing up to Groovy Gang:

  • Cheeseburger and double French fries for tea
  • Breakdancing competitions 
  • Rollerblading Races
  • Paint famous Locations
  • Friday night Disco
  • Ride on the Fun Bus

Members Comments

Trudy: " i haven't had so much fun in years, everyone was really friendly and it was really interesting - i would definitely go again".

Bob: " Really cool, i am glad i am a member of the Groovy gang".

Joining the Groovy Gang is free and fun - all you have to do is follow one simple rule, whenever we shout -  are you having fun, everyone has to reply with GROOVY.

The Groovy Gang is strictly for under 15's, anyone found over the age of 15 without good reason will be reported to local authority
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