Only Fools And Horses

Series two


Now with a good following only fools and horses began to establish itself as solid and funny comedy although fears about it being cancelled had not yet gone away - series two began in 1982 and featured 8 episodes.

The long legs of the law:
Dopey rodney had only agreed to go a date with a policewoman, to dels horror - then at he end of the evening he brings her back to the flat only to find it cluttered with stolen goods. 
Grandad "Rodneys got a police record"
Del " Yeah its walking on the moon"

Ashes To Ashes:
This episode see's del and rodney frantically trying to get rid of triggers aunts ashes, they try everywhere, A bowls green, The Thames, del even considers throwing it in a cement mixer - Then when they least expect it, the ashes get sucked into a road sweeper, problem solved, that is until they discover she was in the other urn, oh no.

A losing streak:
Del has been losing big money playing boycie at cards, so in a bid to win his money back he sets up a game of poker at the flat, Boycie,Trigger and Del are playing - when the bets get big - trigger pulls out leaving just Boycie and Del, in his final throw of the dice in a bid to win his money back Del places everything on his Poker hand The TV, The freezer, The beds - Everything they own. Boycie went home empty handed.

No greater Love:
Rodney falls for an older woman and everything is going fine - until rodney discover her husband is in prison for attempted murder, in the episode Her husband gets released from prison and goes looking for rodney so Del says he is Rodney and gets badly beaten up.

The yellow peril: 
Del has landed a job decorating a Chinese takeaway - after finishing the job and earning some good money he gets a phone call from the takeaway manager complaining about his walls, The problem - its luminous paint stolen by trigger.
Takeaway manager -  "What have you done to my walls"
Del -  " There glowing are they, well, it energy saving paint were using - it cut down on the electric bills"

It never rains
In the nags head Del bumps into Alex, an estate agent - business isn't going well for Alex, so del comes up with a plan which basically means Del gets a dead cheap holiday to Benidorm - while in Benidorm the room is a dump and Grandad gets arrested

A touch of glass:
This is the episode that got everybody talking about Only fools and horses, it is probably one of the most well known episodes, In the episode Del and Rodney convince The well off ridgemere family that they are world renowned Chandelier Cleaners - only to end up dropping the chandelier and smashing it.
Ridgemere - " do you know anything about chandeliers"
Del - Ha ha  ha i'm sorry for laughing my lordship, but asking a trotter if he knows anything about chandeliers is like asking Mr Kipling if he knows anything about cakes"

Diamonds are for heather:
Del has finally found someone and is considering getting married, rodney is getting worried about who will pay his bills if del moves out - in the end Heather decides to give her old husband a second chance.
Del   -   " Whats the matter"
Heather -  "Its vik"
Del  -   " what, is your nose blocked up"

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