Only Fools And Horses

Series one

Series one began airing in 1981 and featured 7 episodes, when it was first shown it didn't receive much interest from the viewing public - partially because of a poor time slot on BBC 1 - However when the first series was repeated in 1982 it picked up many viewers who didn't see it first time around - Only fools and horses had begun

Big Brother:
Rodney decides he wants to go it alone as he gets tired of dels latest Money making schemes - so he leaves peckham and no one knows where he has gone.  

Cash and curry:
Del tries to become a business go between for two people who cannot speak to each other - when Mr raj wants to buy a classic statue from Vimmal Del finds the cash from his own pocket to fund the deal - Then he realizes he was the target of a con trick.

Go west young man:
Boycie asks del to look after his Porsche - which is a present for his "bit on the side" - Del and rodney see no harm in taking it up west for the evening, that is until someone crashes into the back of them on the way home - and to make things worse, the person who crashed into the back of them had bought his car from del.

Second time around:
Dels ex Pauline is in the nags head, anyway before he knows it she's moved in and is planning life insurance for Del - Del then finds out that her last husband died from food poisoning and gets worried, so he disapeers with grandad and rodney - when he returns home he discovers Pauline gone but his phone bill sky high.

Slow bus to chingford:
Del and Rodney embark on trotters ethnic tours - guiding tourists around London on an open top bus, the only problem is grandad has put from all the leaflets telling people of the pick up point in the bin.

The russians are coming
Del finds a pile of old lead and rodney has the brilliant idea of building a nuclear fallout shelter - not thinking they would die of lead poisoning anyway

Christmas Crackers:
The first in a long line of Christmas specials saw grandad ruining the Christmas dinner, again - rodney complaining of total boredom and a less than successful night out for Del.

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