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 I am going to use this page to list which episodes i have watched recently, every now and then when i am at a loose end and there is nothing to do, i will put an episode of Only fools and horses on:

I tried to insert a fancy table below,but i couldn't do the HTML very well


21st February
21st February

24th July
30th July
29th November

Name of Episode

Long Legs of the law
Ashes to Ashes

The Frogs Legacy
The jolly boys outing
Fatal Extraction



10/10 best episode ever...
Just noticed a little mistake in the episode Fatal Extraction, quite early on in the episode, when Albert gives Del the Relate, Marriage guidance thing that came through the door, Rodney says, "Del and Raquel are not married" to which Albert replies "No, but they row thought, don't they". 

However, later on in the nags head, Del and Rodney are talking, when Del says "I have a wife and kid" to which rodney replies "i have a wife and... Thermometer"

Did Raquel and Del Get married off screen or this perhaps a mistake from John Sullivan. It is trivial really but quite interesting.
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