Only Fools And Horses

To Hull and back


Boycie and Abdul pitch a diamond scam to Del Boy, who immediately turns them down. That is until they offer him a £15,000 cut of the estimated £150,000 sale of the stone on the UK market. Del finds himself designated as the courier between Holland and Britain. No sooner has Del enlisted a reluctant Rodders, he hears his old foil Chief Inspector Slater is eyeing Boycie and Abdul as drug dealers.

Del decides to hide undetected in the back of Denzil's van. Denzil then getting in and driving them to Hull (pursued by Rodney) was not part of the plan. Thinking quickly, they hire a boat, and let Uncle Albert guide them to Amsterdam. Overcoming counterfeit cash, Albert's amnesia, it's only the arrival of Slater that scuppers them. Despite this, it's Del who has the last laugh.

A royal Flush


Rodney meets Vicky, a seemingly impoverished artist who it transpires is the daughter of the Duke of Maylebury. Having obtained a pair of tickets to the sold-out production of Carmen, Rodders seems to have deeply impressed Vicky. She is less taken by the presence of Del and his peroxide blonde dolly bird. Especially when they open the crisps.

Vicky then invites Rodney to a party at the Duke's country home, and it seems romance may be on the cards. Then Del Boy turns up, hits the vino-plonko and ruins everything for his little brother.

Be warned: - the 2004 release of this episode has been edited very badly, it has lost 20 minutes of its original content, all because john Sullivan was not happy with how Del was portrayed in the episode, it has also been given a laughing track which is used in stupid places and sounds like three men watching the episode in a small room, if you want the full original episode, then either watch it on youtube, or purchase the dvd from America, the original episode is also available in the only fools and horses dvd/magazine collection from 2006.

The Frogs Legacy


Del Boy, Rodney and Albert attend the wedding of Trigger's niece, Lisa, who had previously appeared in the episode "Tea for Three". Whilst there, Del is informed by Trigger's aunt Renee (Joan Sims), about a known local gentleman thief, Freddie "The Frog" Robdal. It transpired that Del and Rodney's mother met Robdal in 1959, and "befriended" him.

Renee described Freddie Robdal as a very cultured man, very much interested in French wine and paintings, although as she states it, Robdal was a "bit of a dandy". Robdal earned his nickname as he was a frogman in the Royal Navy, and had buried the gold at sea, making it virtually impossible to find. 



The Trotters have been earning a lot of money recently, and Albert's 68th birthday is coming up, though Del Boy and Rodney pretend to have forgotten. Meanwhile, after being impressed by a girl Trigger had met through a local dating agency, Del himself decides to sign up for it. Calling himself Derek Duvall, managing director of a successful import and export business.

He meets an aspiring actress named Raquel Turner. The two get on well and agree to meet again. Del asks Raquel to join him at Albert's upcoming birthday party, but she declines, citing an acting class she has to attend. 

The jolly boys outing


Probably the best loved episode of only fools and horses where del organises the annual Jolly boys outing to Margate - in an action packed day, their coach literally blows up leaving them stranded, and a train strike means they have to stay in Margate - after a day at the fair, Del and rodney go down to a local club and meet Boycie and the others. 

While their, Del rekindles his relationship with Raquel, who he finds working as a magicians assistant to the great Raymundo. To appreciate the genius of this episode you must see it. 

Rodney Come Home


At the Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Albert and Del Boy sell children's dolls that sing Chinese lullabies. Meanwhile, at Parry Print Ltd, a starving Rodney discovers that Cassandra made him a very weak sandwich him for lunch, and his new secretary refuses to go out and buy him a hamburger during the lunch break. But when he spots Raquel with shopping bags full of delicious food, Rodney invites her into his office, and they have a nice chat about the tour that Raquel had been on between "Dates" and "The Jolly Boys' Outing", and about how Rodney's marriage with Cassandra is holding out. 

Rodney then stupidly asks out a girl called Tanya and invites her to the pictures - Rodney eventually tells her the date is off but Del tells cassandra about the date anyway and this causes a massive argument, Television critics at the time thought this was a rather downbeat episode but that it was vital for the episodes that followed.

Miami Twice


At Damien Trotter
’s christening (much to Rodney’s horror), Del strikes a cushdy deal with the Vicar to sell pre-blessed wine around the country.
Rodney is living with Del and Albert on week days, and with Cassandra at weekends, on the advice of a Relate councillor.Del organises a ‘two for one’ holiday for the Trotter clan, knowing full well that Cassandra will not be able to make it. When the brothers arrive in Miami, the family of mafioso boss Vincenzo Ochetti spot Del - who bears a striking resemblance to their Don.Soon realising they are not simply being shown American hospitality, Del and Rodney flee… aided and abetted by BoycieMarlene and their baby Tyler who are also in the states.Upon a safe return to Peckham, they find dozens of crates of wine, which were deemed unfit for Holy Communion.

Mother natures son


Del and Rodney are strapped for Christmas cash. To make matters worse, while Cassandra finally has her promotion, Raquel is suffering from post-natal depression.
Rodney is concerned that Del has lost his drive. When confronted, Derek explains that on top of his woes, the council have approved his application to buy their flat in Nelson Mendela House, doubling the rent. On top of that, Grandad's allotment has become a health hazard and he has to clear it.While clearing the allotment Del discovers several barrels of yellow liquid. Enlisting Trigger and Denzil, they are disposed of during the night.Finally spotting a gap in the market, Del decides to bottle tap water and sell it as Peckham Spring Water.Back in the money both couples enjoy a romantic evening... until they see a news flash about a major water contamination, caused by Del's barrels.

Fatal Extraction

Raquel is worried that Santa will be too busy down the 121 Club getting drunk, to provide Damien with any presents.Rodney raises the problem with Del, who explains he is brokering a deal to get hold of some Russian ex-military Camcorders to make ends meet over Christmas.Rodney’s marriage is going so well that they have decided to try to have a baby. So much so he’s getting phone calls from Cassie at work, telling him to come home because she’s the right temperature.Raquel leaves Del, staying at Rodney and Cassandra’s place. Del does what any man would: Organises a date with Beverly, his dentist’s receptionist. He cancels it as soon as he comes to his senses.A changed man, he invites Raquel back. After drunkenly starting a riot on the estate he sells the Russian gear to both the cops and the robbers.All seems calm, but Beverly seems to be stalking Del.

Just noticed a little mistake in the episode Fatal Extraction, quite early on in the episode, when Albert gives Del the Relate, Marriage guidance thing that came through the door, Rodney says, "Del and Raquel are not married" to which Albert replies "No, but they row thought, don't they". 

However, later on in the nags head, Del and Rodney are talking, when Del says "I have a wife and kid" to which rodney replies "i have a wife and... Thermometer"

Did Raquel and Del Get married off screen or this perhaps a mistake from John Sullivan. It is trivial really but quite interesting

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