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Del Appeared in every episode of Only fools and horses - he is a wheeler dealing Market trader who runs Trotters international Traders or T.I.T for short, he wears cheap tacky clothes and jewelery and lives on the 13th floor of Nelson Mandela house. He is well known in the peckham area and can always get his hands on a bargain. He can often be found in the nags head or the one eleven club, when not on the market.

Del is 13 years older than brother rodney who also lived at Nelson Mandela house until he got married to Cassandra,he eventually moved back in though - Del lives with Raquel and has a son called Damian, he drives A three wheel van and other vehicles throughout the series. Del became a millionaire in 1996 when he sold an antique watch for 6million - however 5 years later the stock market crashed and he lost it all and resorted back to being a market trader.



Rodney also appeared in every episode and is the younger brother of Del - he worked with Del on the market until he got a job with Cassandra's dad at his printing works - however when he and Cassandra briefly split, he resigned and went back to working with del - in the early episodes of only fools and horses Rodney wore quite scruffy clothes but as he got older he dressed smarter and wore suits. Rodney also drives the three wheel Van that Del drives.

Rodney is married to Cassandra and in the last episode ever he had a baby girl which he named after his mum, Joan, although he moved out to live with cassandra, he and cassandra ended up living in the flat with Del and Raquel when they went bankrupt, it is unknown whether Rodney and cassandra are still living in the flat.  


Trigger appeared in the very first episode of only fools and horses, and seemed to be a wheeler dealer like del, however, he was never really considered on a par with Del as far as his business sense went - Trigger was the road sweeper and was always in or around the nags head - Trigger for reasons unknown called Rodney, Dave since he first met him in series one, he also laughs about 3 seconds later than everyone else when a joke is told and generally doesn't get anything that is said to him

Nothing is known about Triggers home life, we don't know what car he drives, where he comes from or anything really, Boycie jokes by saying "Trigger was made by a chemical spillage". we know he went to the same school as Del and the others (Dockside secondary modern) and he wasn't the brightest.

All things told Trigger is a bit of a mystery.


Boycie is one of the tightest people you could wish to meet, he ran a mildly successful second hand car dealership until 2006, when he was forced out of London by the driscoll brothers - His wife Marlene and Son Tyler moved to Ludlow in Shropshire to avoid them -  but they have since patched up their differences with the driscoll's leaving the door open on a return to London, which doesn't seem likely.

Boycie always dresses very smartly and drives expensive cars, he owned a mansion in London and now owns a farm in The country - his wife Marlene dresses in quite odd clothing at times but rarely looks cheap, Boycie laughs at other peoples misfortune with a trademark laugh - he is pleasant with his friends but tight with just about everybody

Del says  "Boycie is the sort of man who buys baked beans on tuesday so he can have a bubble bath on wednesday"



Denzil is the long suffering friend of Del - Del has ruined Denzil's wedding, Taken his redundancy money and generally messed him about but Denzil still remains a close friend. Denzil was a long distance lorry driver for a few years before setting up his own delivery service. Denzil was married to Corrine for a while but they are now separated

Denzil can be found in the nags head, but isn't really one of the gang. he didn't attend the same school as the others until they were about to leave and seems to be more Dels friend than the rest.

Uncle Albert


Not appearing until series 4 due to the untimely death of Grandad, he was first seen in the episode strained relations, which focused around Grandads funeral and the buffet afterwards - in the episode he tells Del his nickname is Boomerang trotter, which means he always comes back - at the end of the episode he had moved in with Del and rodney.

Del was in the Navy for almost all of his life and tells many stories, much to the boredom of everyone else - after his share of the millions was given to him, he went to live with Elsie partridge, Uncle Albert died in 2001 and the trotters went to the wrong funeral.



Raquel first appeared in the episode Dates where Del meets her through a computer dating agency - after Del finds out that she is a stripper, he loses contact - it is only on the jolly boys outing a couple of years later that they meet again and decide to move in together.

Raquel and Del are not married but have been together for 20 years they had a son called Damian and live in nelson Mandela house, When Raquel was younger she was an aspiring actress but she was not very successful.



Grandad appeared in the first three series of only fools and horses and spent most of his time in the flat - he was rarely seen without his hat (left)  and told many stories about the war, similar to Alberts stories, these were considered boring by Del and Rodney. Grandad was always referred to as Grandad and nobody ever mentioned his first name.

Grandad didn't really have a lot of lines and was never seen in the nags head, Grandads most memorable line was when Rodney was going into business with Mickey Pearce and said he was starting in a small way. Grandad replied by saying,"What have you got, a Wendy house", the audience cried with laughter and from that day on - any funny moment would be given a Wendy rating.



Mike appeared for the first time in series three in the episode Who's a pretty boy then - As the new owner of the nags head, Mike quickly struck up friendships with all of the regulars, and quickly became an essential character of only fools.

We learned in 2001 that Mike had gone to prison for fraud (Kenneth Macdonald who played Mike sadly died in 2001, aged 50) which meant that the nags head had a new manager in Sid, formerly of Sid's cafe. 

Mike on his marriage:
"I had 18 blissful happy years - and then i met her"



Cassandra was first seen in the episode Yuppy love when She and Rodney met each other at evening classes, within a year they had got married and moved in together, Cassandra and Rodney main story in between splitting up and getting back together many times, was trying to conceive a child - in the final episode there wish came true and they had a baby girl called joan, named after Rodney's mother.

Early on in her relationship with Rodney, Cassandra enjoyed a successful career at a local bank, it is unknown what she is doing now - Cassandra came along late to only fools and horses and mixed in well with the regulars down the nags head

There were many more characters in Only fools and horses which were considered regular characters - click on a picture below to read a biography 

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