Only Fools And Horses

Christmas Trilogy 1996


These were the supposed to be the final three episodes which resulted in Del and rodney becoming millionaires, it featured three episodes, namely - heroes and villains, Modern Man and Time on our hands. Before winning the millions - in the episode Modern Man, cassandra had a miscarriage after announcing in Heroes and Villains that she was pregnant.

this meant at times the final episode was quite downbeat, especially as seen in the lift when Del purposely Stops the lift to get rodney to talk about the miscarriage - however these are the best loved episodes by many of only fools and horses viewers.

From 2001-2003 Three more episodes were made which saw the trotters lose all their money, and become bankrupt before getting some inheritance from Uncle Albert, however - i feel these episodes were not necessary and were merely a money making exercise, i believe a more fitting end would have been The 1996 Christmas trilogy. 

Heroes and Villains:

Trotters crash Turbans as seen in Modern Man

This episode featured the classic Batman and Robin sequence - which come about after Del and Rodney broke down on the way to a fancy dress party, to make things worse for the pair, the fancy death party had been called off because the person who the party was for had died, and del didn't get  the message.

In this episode Raquel makes contact with her parents for the first time in years and Cassandra announces she is pregnant - Del then announces that he has been given a £5000 kitchen grant, which he has no intention of spending on a kitchen and things are looking very rosey for the trotters

Modern Man:Del has a brand new book, Modern Man - according to The author, Modern Men are decisive decision makers, so Del decides he is having a vasectomy - much to Raquel's amusement - meanwhile The trotters are being followed by an angry Sikh, after selling him some dodgy paint,after seeing The sikh on a moped without a crash hat he comes up with his latest invention. Trotters crash Turbans (see above) - at the end of the episode Rodney rushes to hospital to learn that cassandra has had a miscarriage. After having a nightmare - del decides not to have a vasectomy

Time on our hands:

Dels old motto -  " this time next year we will be millionaires" - came true  when raquels father discovered  an old watch in the trotter garage - He tells Del a story about John Harrison and how scholars had searched for his fabled H6 watch for years, Raquels Dad believed this to be, that watch.

Eventually the trotters auction the watch at Sotheby's And pocket an astonishing £6.2million between them.- After Del and rodney split the money they both have more than enough money to last them a life time. I personally feel as an avid only fools and horses fan, that the writers should have left the story there, but they decided, due to public pressure to commission three new episodes in which the trotters lost there money and became bankrupt, which i feel was a poor decision - the only positive that can be taken from this, is the hilarious Gary episode, in which the trotters inadvertently pick up what they believe to be an asylum seeker

And More

As i mentioned above, due to public pressure and other factors - from 2001 to 2003, three more episodes of only fools and horses were made, with the first based around the stock market crashing and the trotters losing all their money, I suppose the idea behind this episode was, who would be stupid enough to gain £6million and lose every single penny after working all their life to become millionaires. Only the trotters could do this. - also in the episode we learn that uncle Albert has passed away and the trotters attend the wrong funeral. it was probably the episode which was least only fools and horses in style.

The second special revolved around Del and rodney bringing back what they believed was an asylum seeker from France and letting him stay in the flat - It turned out   however, that he was the son of a businessman who Boycie was about to make a multi - million pound deal with and the trotters had become wanted criminals for Kidnapping. This was actually a very funny episode, and as well written as anything seen in the late 80's - early 90's.

In the very Final episode ever, Del and Rodney discover that Uncle Albert has left them a tidy sum of money each, paying of all their debts and setting them up nicely for the future - the episode also saw Rodney and Cassandra have a baby girl - which they named Joan.

                                                                                                                   Only Fools and Horses was officially Over 
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