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Over the years only fools and horses writer john Sullivan has created some of the funniest episodes of any British comedy in the past 50 years - beginning in 1981, only fools and horses lasted for 22 brilliant years, ending in 2003 .

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When Only fools and horses first came along in 1981 their wasn't much of what we call Political correctness around - But obviously if only fools and horses was released in today's climate of ofcom, viewer complaints and people taking offence at  just about anything, then its fair to say that certain elements would not have made it into the show - moments such as trotters crash turbans would have received many complaints from the public, as would other episodes such as danger uxd with the adult dolls and the sky's the limit with the plane heading towards the tower block.

Even though this was just a comedy series featuring 100% fictional characters, if it was released today - many more people would complain about the show than they did when it was originally aired many years ago, without sounding like a cliche - Its Political correctness gone mad.

Did you know?


 The episode Hole in one, in which uncle Albert fell accidentally on purpose down an open cellar door, was originally filmed with grandad played by lennard pearce, but he died during filming, the only scene in hole in one which wasn't re shot  was the scene when mike was looking down into the cellar.

however - the original recording with lennard pearce has been recorded over, so any chance of recovering a lost episode is impossible

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