Only Fools And Horses

Series Seven


After the Jolly boys outing - Raquel had now moved in with del in what turned out to be the final series before focusing more on Christmas specials, it was a very funny series - and featured Rodney and cassandra's wedding beginning to break down, It followed the same pattern of series six in that the episodes were continuous, all in all it was good series with some very good episodes:

The Sky is the Limit:
Raquel has moved in with Del, as has the newly separated Rodney. When Rodders isn't asleep on the couch he's drinking too much, or nursing hangovers.While Cassandra and her mother travel to Spain for a holiday, Alan Parry - Cassie's Dad and Rodney's boss - visits Del Boy and confides he was hoping to leave his business to the couple. They hatch a plot to arrange a second honeymoon for them.Rodney pays £250 for their trip, and waits for Cassandra to arrive at Gatwick airport. When he learns the real reason behind her flight being diverted, Del has some serious explaining to do. As the brothers argue over who’s technique is best, the objects of their affections are whisked away from under their noses.

The Chance of a Lunchtime:
Raquel wants to revive her theatrical passions and audition for Shakespeare's As You Like It. Naturellement, Derek volunteers to help her rehearse.Rodney and Cassandra meet for a meal both thinking that the other made the first move, and without realising Del has set them up. Things seem to be going well, until Rodney clambers out of a cab with Del's ex-fiance Trudy… just as Cassie arrives and leaps to the wrong conclusion.Raquel tells Derek she won't be taking the part in the play. She shouldn't tour when she's pregnant.

Stage Fright:
Del's old friend is putting a cabaret night on at The Starlight Rooms. With Raquel now pregnant, Del can't resist the offer of £600 for putting on the show.When the Trotters discover this cabaret is being held by local villain Eugene Macarthy, in honour of his mother's 82nd birthday, the pressure's on. Raquel tells Del that she forgets her lines and needs another singer work with too. They find: Tony Angelino, he's cheesier than cheddar. Del legs it when the act starts badly, fearing for his safety. He is surprised to receive a phone call from Eugene. He wants to book them again. His mother's never laughed as much.Del is trying to shift the Futafax. So far his only customer is Mike at The Nag's Head.

Class of 62: 
Raquel is disturbed by a letter from her solicitor, warning that they have traced her ex-husband, who is considering her request for a divorce.Meanwhile Mike has organised a school reunion, and the regulars all turn up to meet their old friends. The only old friend to turn up is bent copper Roy Slater. After a few drinks, all is forgiven.Just as Trig, Del, Boycie and Denzil begin to believe that he really has changed for the better, Del discovers the real reason for his return... he is the ex-husband and he wants to blackmail the Trotters. Derek has other ideas, however. 
He aint heavy, He's My Uncle:  
To stave of totally skintness, Del employs Rodders as TITCO's new Director of Commercial Development. Del meanwhile is arranging to buy their flat in Nelson Mandela House.Uncle Albert is going to the Over-Sixties Club on the estate and is chatting up a lady called Dora Lane. One night, he arrives at the flat, bruised and shaken. He tells Del and Rodney he's been mugged. Despite being home, something is not right.Uncle Albert disappears. After much thought, the boys find him, but a visit from Knock Knock reveals the truth about the black eye.

Three Men, A woman and a baby:
Del is trying to flog wigs for men to a bunch of 'old tarts' at The Nags Head. Cassandra gives Rodders the push for lacking ambition and not being part of the marriage.Rodney has also turned vegetarian, much to the mockery of the rest of the Trotter clan. When he receives a call from Cassie asking him to visit her, he plays it cool. She is unimpressed at the attachable ponytail he wears to impress her when he arrives.In no time they are back together, and very much in love. Their embrace is interrupted by a phone call. Raquel has gone into labour. 

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