Only Fools And Horses

Series Four

Series 4 brought viewers the new character of uncle Albert - after the untimely death of Lennard Pearce - John Sullivan didn't want t begin the series with a funeral so wrote the episode Happy returns - in the episode Del and rodney refer to Grandad as being in the flat taken ill.

Happy returns:
Del discovers he may have a daughter after bumping into Old flame June - the worst thing of all is Rodney may well be going out with her - after asking June about it however, he discovers he is not he father but it was his best friend at the time Albie Littlewood who had an affair with her.

Strained Relations:
This see's the very first appearance of Uncle Albert who visit's grandad's funeral and is left at the flat with nowhere to go - After some early reservations about allowing uncle Albert to stay, he agreed and a brand new character had arrived

Hole in one:
Uncle Albert jumps down mikes open cellar in a bid to win some compensation to pay for grandads headstone - certain scenes of this episode had already been shot with Lennard Pearce (see below) - when the case goes to trial - we discover that uncle Albert learnt how to fall during the war and has pulled this trick many times before - the trotters went home potless.
After Grandads untimely death these scenes had to be re-shot with Uncle Albert
It only rock and roll:
Rodney Is the drummer in a band called A bunch of wallies - after del becomes the manager and gets them a gig at the shamrock club which didn't go to well - mental mickey tried to bite Rodney's ear which meant Rodney leaving the band - Then while watching Top of the pops He saw they had a hit without him, Rodney blamed Del for this.

Sleeping dogs  lie:
Boycie and Marlene ask del to look after their dog Duke while they go on holiday - While in the trotters care the dog gets mysteriously ill and is taken to the vets - The vets think that the dog might have Salmonella poisoning, but after tests he is all all clear - in the end we discover that Uncle Albert has taken the dogs vitality tablets leaving duke with uncle Albert's sleeping tablets - problem solved.

Watching the girls go by:
Rodney bets Mickey Pearce that he will find a date before a party, Rodney doesn't really have a chance of finding anyone until Del steps in a buys the bet of Rodney, if rodney wins, Del gets the winnings, and vice versa - Del sets rodney up with a stripper he knows, who causes total embarrassment to Rodney when she gets on stage and takes her clothes off at the party - Rodney won the bet and had the last laugh on Del - The bet was for 50 pence.

As one door closes:
Dels has agreed to find a pile of louvery doors for Brendan, a local decorator - but needs £2000 to buy them, after pestering Denzil for his redundancy money he gets the £2000, but the deal falls through when Brendan decides he wants Victorian panel doors instead and Del is stuck with a pile of doors nobody wants. 
Then rodney see's a butterfly worth £3000 and the trotters set out on a mad chase to catch the butterfly to end their money worries and pay Denzil back. 

After catching the butterfly - disaster struck: (see below)
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